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  • Tefnut TitleLunar Goddess of Moisture
    Cult CenterHeliopolis
    FatherRa The King of gods
    ConsortBrother Shu
    Sons and DaughtersGeb
    Patron - Dominionwater - moisture - clouds
    Dedicated templesCosmic deity with no dedicated temples
    Appearance- A woman who wears on her head the solar disk circled by two cobras. She holds in her hands the sceptre and ankh
    - Head of a lioness
    - A full lioness
    Historical Developments In Egyptian mythology Ra created Tefnut and her and brother Shu from semen, which resulted from his primordial act of masturbation
    - Egyptians believed that without her water, Egypt could dry and burn in the sun.
    - According to the Pyramid Texts, she created pure water from her vagina
    - Tefnut and Shu the air god, started duality and the sexual cycle began in the universe
    - Tefnut was the first female to have sex, and the first mother giving birth to Geb the earth god, and Nut the goddess of the sky
    - Together the four members of this cosmic family, made up the quartet of major elements of the universe: earth, air, sky and water
    - She looks like Sekhmet, however, Tefnut's ears are routinely pointed, whereas Sekhmet's are rounded
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