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  • Shu TitleThe God of Air
    Cult CenterHeliopolis
    FatherRa The King of gods
    ConsortSister Tefnut the goddess of Moisture
    Sons and DaughtersGeb the earth god
    Nut, the goddess of the sky
    Patron - Dominiondryness of the air - holds power over snakes - wind
    Dedicated ShrinesCosmic deity with no dedicated temples
    AppearanceMan wearing a crown with plumes and horns topped with a sun disc
    Man wearing a band with a feather
    a full lion
    Greek equivalentAether God of the upper air.
    Historical DevelopmentsIn Egyptian mythology Ra created him and his sister Tefnut, from the act of masturbation,
    - Tefnut and Shu started duality and the sexual cycle began in the universe,
    - He separated the earth from the sky, Shu holds aloft the sky, he keeps separate his two children Geb the earth god, and Nut, the goddess of the sky.
    - He was responsible for making the wind
    - In the Underworld he is leading the torturers and executioners, representing a great peril for the deceased.