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  • Nephthys TitleMistress of The house
    Cult CenterHeliopolis
    ConsortBrother Seth
    Sons and DaughtersIllegitimate son Anubis
    SiblingsSeth, Osiris and Isis
    Patron - Dominionfriend of the dead - infertility - desert- protector of the Sacred Phoenix
    Dedicated templesIunu in Heliopolis
    Komir in Upper Egypt
    Appearancewoman with headdress topped by a bowl showing her name in hieroglyphs
    Cult - She was the darkness to Isis ' light, the bareness to contrast her sister's fertility.
    - Nephthys had no children from her barren husband Seth (being the barren desert god)
    - She disguised herself as Isis, got Osiris drunk, and seduced him to her bed
    - This relation resulted in the birth of an illegitimate son Anubis
    - When Seth discovered this adultery act and began to plan Osiris' death.
    - in the Legend of Osiris, despite being the wife of Seth, she was seen as a loyal sister to Isis, helping Isis to gather Osiris' scattered limbs (after Seth cut him into pieces), to revive the dead god.
    - Protector of Hapy, one of the Four Sons of Horus