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    Criteria Egyptian Gods Norse Gods
    Images god Ra Odin
    Depiction of gods -Early Dynasty - Animals
    -Old Kingdom - Human with animal faces
    -Human - male and female
    Number of gods -More than 2000 gods - Some, such as Ra were worshipped throughout the whole country. while most had only a local cult center -Only 50 gods - worshipped by all Norse people (no dedicated cult cities or local gods)
    Main gods
    1. Ra - the sun god and the lord of the universe
    2. Amun - flourished in the New Kingdom.
    3. Ptah - Memphis main deity
    4. Osiris - god of the underworld who made a peaceful afterlife possible
    -Odin, Thor and Freya
    Dwelling -Temples - were the dwelling places of gods, every god had his dedicated temple which were accessible by Priests and Pharaohs -Asgard - the home and citadel of the gods. It was located in the heaven and was accessible only over the rainbow bridge, Bifrost
    -The Germanic tribes never had temples
    Sacrifice -Daily offerings to gods in temples, consisting of food and drink - No Human sacrifice -frequent Human sacrifices, specially to god Odin, these included defeated kings and soldiers in battles
    Forces of universe -Gods commanded the universe with no rivals ( Seth is a wicked god who commanded the desert).
    -Supreme, powerful and immortal gods
    -Daemons and giants rivaled the gods - The Norse myths held that Asgard would be destroyed in a final battle in which the demons would overcome the gods, this vision of the end times is uniquely pessimistic showing the gods capable of being defeated

    Egyptian Gods Family Trees

    Thebes Family Tree

    This holy triad consisted of:

    1. Amun the King of gods, and Mut his consort
    2. Mentu the war god was their son

    Heliopolis Family Tree

    This holy triad consisted of:

    1. Ptah the god of wisdom, and his consort Sekhmet, the goddess of war
    2. Imhotep the architect of Saqqara was considered their son

    Memphis Family Tree

    1. Ra was the creator of gods, his manifestations were: Khepri at sunrise, Horakhty at noon and Atum at night
    2. Hathor the cow goddess was Ra's daughter and consort
    3. The children of Ra were:
    4. The children Of Shu and Tefnut were Geb the god of air, and his sister/consort Nut the sky goddess
    5. The four children of Geb and Nut were:
    6. Anubis the god of embalming, was an illegitimate son of Osiris and Nephthys
    7. Horus the sky god, was the son of Isis and Osiris

    Other Gods

    The Development of Monotheism

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