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  • Geb and Nut TitleGod of Earth
    Cult CenterHeliopolis
    FatherShu the air god
    ConsortSister Nut
    Sons and DaughtersOsiris, Isis, Seth, Nephthys and Horus The elder
    Patron - Dominionearthquakes - valleys - mountains - provides the nourishments and fruits to earth
    Dedicated templesCosmic deity with no dedicated shrines
    AppearanceMan with a goose on his head
    lying underneath his wife Nut, goddess of the sky
    Greek equivalentKronos
    CultGeb is a male god, unlike many ancient religions which understood the physical planet Earth as feminine
    - He became the first Pharaoh of Egypt, that the Egyptian throne came to be known by the title, "Seat of Geb.
    - Every new Pharaoh claimed to be a descendant of Geb and at the coronation he had to get his permission.
    - The mountains are said to be His bones
    - He lies forever inert below his sister-wife Nut
    - When Seth and Horus fought for the throne of Egypt, Geb made Horus the ruler of the living.
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