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  • Anibus Titlegod of Embalming
    Cult Centerchief god in the 17th Nome Middle Egypt known in Greek as Cynopolis (the city of the dogs, modern el-Qeis)
    GenderMale - Jackal
    FatherIllegitimate son of Osiris
    ConsortAnput - the jackal goddess
    Sons and Daughtersdaughter Kebechet
    Patron - DominionEmbalmer - protector of the dead
    Dedicated ShrinesAll the Tombs
    1. Man with the head of a jackal, shown holding a pike in one hand, and a crook or shorter cross in the other, he wore and a coif that extended from his ears to his neck and had a large bushy tail.
    2. crouching jackal with big perked ears. The deep black color Anubis's animal is symbolic of his position as a funerary deity. The reason for Anubis's animal assosiated with death is that ancient Egyptians observed dogs and jackals often haunted the edges of the desert, especially the cemeteries where the dead were buried.
    • Anubis is an extremely ancient deity. The oldest mastabas of the Old Kingdom have prayers to him carved into their walls, and he is mentioned in the Pyramid Texts in his most celebrated role as a guardian and protector of the dead. He held the position that Osiris would later command, The Lord of the Dead
    • In the New Kingdom the jackal headed god lost his leading role to Osiris who became the Lord and Anibus was became a guide associated with mummification and the afterlife .He leads the souls of the deceased to Judgment hall of Maat, Anubis would take each person's heart and weigh it against the Feather of Truth.
      Anubis invented embalming and funeral rites, masks of Anubis were worn by priest officiating at the funeral and the Mummification process
    • In the Ptolemaic Period he was regarded as the Egyptian equivalent of the Greek Hermes.A large sanctuary was constructed for him on the desert ridge at north Saqqara
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