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    Sobek head
    Title- The Crocodile god
    - Lord of Fayum Oasis
    Cult Center- In cult centers Sobek was considered the god of the Nile
    - Crocodiles were worshipped in cities that depended on water, such as Crocodilopolis and Kom Ombo.
    - In other areas however, crocodiles were dealt with by simply killing them
    Gender- Male
    Consort- Renenutet, the snake goddess who was the protector of the harvest and granaries
    Patron - Dominion- The Nile was believed to have come from his sweat, thus Sobek was seen as a god of vegetation and fertility.
    - Patron of the Pharaoh's army, the ferocity of crocodiles was seen as a symbol of strength and power
    Dedicated temples- In the temple of Kom Ombo pools where were kept with sacred crocodiles. When they died, they were mummified and buried in sarcophagi
    - During festivals, a mummified crocodile was placed on a stretcher and carried on a procession, before placing the god in its temple shrine.
    Historical Developments- Sobek was first mentioned in the Pyramid Texts of the Old Kingdom as the son of Neith, he was seen as a dark god, who had to be appeased to give people his protection against crocodiles.
    - His cult flourished in the Middle Kingdom 12th and 13th Dynasty - when capital of Egypt was in Fayum
    - In the New Kingdom his cult diminished, and was absorbed in Amun becoming an avatar of the powerful god
    - He regained importance during the Ptolemaic Period, and In the Legend of Osiris which appeared during that period, Sobek assisted in the birth of Horus, and rescued The Four sons of Horus in a net, as they emerged from the waters of the Nile in a lotus blossom
    Appearance- Man with the head of a crocodile
    - A complete crocodile
    - When considered a patron of the army, he was shown as a man wearing a plumed crown with the Uraeus power symbol
    Greek equivalent- In the Ptolemaic Period, Petsuchos were live crocodiles at Crocodilopolis, worshipped as a manifestation of Sobek. They were adorned with jewels and fed by the priest with meat.
    - When the Petsuchos died, it was changed by another male crocodile
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