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  • Serapis TitleThe Fertility god
    Cult CenterAlexandria
    Patron - Dominionfertility - healing - the underworld
    Dedicated templesSerapeum of Alexandria
    The temple of Serapis in Memphis
    Burial of Apis Bulls in Serapeum of Saqqara
    AppearanceWears the modius (a small pot indicating fertility) on his head
    bearded figure seated on a throne with the three-headed dog of Hades, Cerberus, at his feet.
    Historical Developments Serapis was created by the Ptolemaic Pharaoh Ptolemy 1, he was a composite of several Egyptian and Hellenistic deities who was introduced at the beginning of the Ptolemaic Period
    - His name was Aser-hapi (i.e. Osiris - Apis ), which became Serapis,
    - Married to Isis and father of Horus
    - His cult quickly spread from its center in Alexandria, reaching Ancient Rome.
    - The cult of Serapis survived into and Roman period
    - The destruction of Serapeum in Alexandria by early Christians in 385 A.D. that marked the end of his cult.
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