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  • Min TitleProtector of the Moon
    Male of the Mountain
    Cult CenterPanopolis
    Patron - DominionSexual fertility and reproduction
    God of the Eastern Desert
    Moon god
    Dedicated templesFragments and ruins in Panopolis
    AppearanceA man holding an erect penis with his left hand and an upheld right arm holding a flail
    black skin to reflect the fertile black mud of the Nile's inundation
    Greek equivalentPan the god of fertility and season of spring
    Cult - Ancient god from the Early Dynastic Period
    - As a god of male sexual potency, he was honored during the coronation rites of the Pharaoh
    - The symbol of Min was a bed of lettuce, that the Egyptians believed to be an aphrodisiac, as lettuce released a milk-like substance superficially similar to semen.
    - As god of the Eastern Desert he offered protection to travelers and traders in the caravan route which went through Gebtu and headed out east to the Red Sea. At the mines of Wadi Hammamat prayers and thanks to the god Min were found.
    - As Moon God, the last day of the lunar month in the Egyptian calendar was dedicated to him, that day was known as "The Exit of Min"