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Mentu TitleGod Of War
Cult CenterHermonthis near Thebes
Patron - DominionMilitary success
Lord of Thebes
Dedicated templesTemple of Mentu at Medamud
AppearanceWore two plumes on his head
Carried various weapons including Spears, bows, arrows, and knives
Falcon head
Bull head
Greek equivalentAres the war god
Cult - Ancient god from Thebes
- He was originally combined with the sun god Ra and seen as Mentu- Ra
- Because of the association of raging bulls with strength and war, Mentu was sometimes depicted as a white bull with a black face,
- In the 11th Dynasty Mentuhotep praised him in his military task to reunite Egypt, and his cult flourished
- Egypt's great military leaders called themselves the sons of Mentu
- By the 12th Dynasty, Mentu became son of Amun

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