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Maat TitleThe goddess of Truth
Cult CenterThroughout Egypt
FatherRa The King of gods
ConsortThoth the god of the wisdom.
Patron - Dominionpatroness of Law and Justice - cosmic order - truth - justice
Appearancewoman with wings - woman with a single white ostrich feather bound to her head
Cult- Long before the ten commandments the Egyptian developed the Book of the Dead - 42 commandments. The Judgment and subsequent punishment was in the hands Maat. With her feather of truth she weighed the souls of all who came to her subterranean Hall of Judgment, against the heart of the deceased.
Should the heart weigh heavier than the feather, it would be thrown to the crocodile-headed god Ammut who would eat it. If the feather weighed more than the heart, the individual soul could join the Elysium realms of the underworld ruled by Osiris
- Her name, literally, meant 'truth' in Egyptian. She was truth, order, balance and justice personified
- The phrase " priest of Maat" in inscriptions can be understood as a euphemism for "judge"
- The idea that the universe is rational passed from the Egyptians to the Greeks. The Greeks called the underlying order of the universe "logos", meaning "order"
Christians adopted the logos in order to explain the moral order of the universe

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