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  • Khnum TitleThe Great Potter
    Other spellingsKhnemu
    Cult CenterElephantine
    - Esna
    ConsortSatis, the deification of the floods of the Nile
    Sons and DaughtersAnuket goddess of the first cataract
    Heka, the personification of magic
    Patron - DominionPottery
    - Nile Inundation and fertility
    Dedicated templesElephantine Temple
    - Esna Temple
    Appearanceman with a ram head with recently created children standing on his potter wheel
    Cult- One of the oldest gods of Upper Egypt from Thebes to Philae
    - Khnum is the creator god of the Elephantine Creation Myth
    - He was also worshipped in the form of a ram, in fact, his name Khnum could mean just that. Rams were sacred to him and have been found mummified with gilded head-pieces at Elephantine
    - His cult was popular before the cult of Ra eclipsed it
    - He made sure that the right amount of silt was released into the water during the inundation
    - Creator of people, he sculpted them out of clay from the Nile out of his potter wheel and held them up so that Ra could shine his life giving rays upon them.
    - The full name of Cheops, was "Khnum is my Protector"
    - He regained importance during the Ptolemaic Period and remained an important god in some semi Christian sects until the 3rd Century A.D.
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