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    Child Jesus
    Jesus the Child.

    Horus the Child
    Horus the Child
    TitleThe Sky god
    Cult CenterEdfu
    Behdet in the Delta
    ConsortNot Married
    Sons and DaughtersNo offspring
    Patron - Dominiongod of light and goodness
    Dedicated templesKom Ombo
    - Edfu Temple
    AppearanceFalcon headed man
    Cult- In the Legend of Osiris, Horus grows to manhood to avenge the death of his father Osiris, who was murdered by Horus' uncle Seth
    - Horus fought with Seth for the throne of Egypt, In the battle Horus lost one of his eyes, it was healed and reassembled by Thoth
    - Nothing escaped the watchful eye of the true Horus, the Eye of Horus became an important Egyptian symbol of power
    - Horus symbolizes leadership of all sorts and specifically the leadership demonstrated in the position of Ruler of the Two Lands.
    - The Pharaoh of Egypt was considered as the living Horus
    - The Egyptians observed in the falcon the quickness, intelligence, alertness and staying power of a just ruler
    - No wrongdoer escaped His claws

    History of Worship
    - Horus is known even before the advent of hieroglyphic from depictions on Pre-Dynastic pottery and walls, of falcons and standards with the falcon sitting atop them
    - Pre-Dynastic Period and Early Dynastic Period Pharaohs wrote their names within a serekh, a drawing of a palace with a falcon sitting upon its roof.
    - Early Christians in Egypt worshipped before the statues of Isis suckling the infant Horus, seeing in them Madonna and Child

    Comparison of Horus and Jesus the Child

    Criteria Horus Jesus
    A- The only begotten son of the God Osiris - The only begotten son of Jehovah, the Holy Spirit
    B- Conceived by the virgin mother Isis, and born in a cave - Conceived by Mary the Virgin mother, and born in a stable
    C- His birth was heralded by the star Sirius, the morning star. This event was announced by angels and witnessed by three solar deities
    - Date - 21 December (Winter Solstice)
    - His birth was heralded by the "star in the East.", announced by angels and witnessed by three wise men
    - Date - 25 December
    D- Seth tried to murder him, Isis hid her baby in the marches from his evil uncle. Horus was raised by his mother on the floating island of Chemmis near Buto - Herod tried to have Jesus murdered, and the Virgin Mary escaped to Egypt seeking protection
    E- Horus resisted temptation when taken to the desert of Amenta up in a high mountain by his rival uncle Seth, who tried to persuade him into dividing the throne of Egypt between them - Jesus resisted temptation when taken to the desert in Palestine up in a high mountain by his rival Satan.
    F- Horus was regarded as the savior of humanity, and the conqueror of Seth
    - The main purpose for Horus' life was to fight and destroy evil
    - Horus said about his salvation criteria ""I have given bread to the hungry man and water to the thirsty man and clothing to the naked person and a boat to the shipwrecked mariner."
    - Jesus life focuses on the salvation of human kind
    - Jesus said on salvation "For I was an hungered, and you gave me meat: I was thirsty, and you gave me drink: I was a stranger, and you took me in: Naked, and you clothed me..."
    G- Horus did not marry or had children
    - The Four Sons of Horakhty, known as the "Four Sons of Horus" are in fact the sons of "Horus the Elder" or Ra-Horakhty (the Noon manifestation of Ra)
    - Jesus did not marry or have any children
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