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  • Bes TitleThe Dwarf god
    Cult Centerthe private home
    Patron - Dominionprotector of pregnant women - guard against evil spirits and misfortune
    Dedicated ShrinesHousehold deity - some statues in temples
    AppearanceA fat bearded dwarf with large head, protruding tongue, bow legs and tail
    - He bore a plumed crown and wore the skin of a lion
    Cult- From Nubia and was imported to Egypt during the 18th Dynasty
    - Bes chased away demons of the night and guarded men from dangerous animals
    - During the birth of a child, Bes would dance about the room, shaking his rattle and yelling to frighten away demons by swords and knives
    - In contrast to the other Egyptian deities, who were usually depicted in profile, Bes was depicted full face. He was shown to be ugly and grotesque in appearance to scare off evil spirits,
    - His widespread veneration does not appear to have attracted any formal, temple-based cult. But a decentralized, personal devotion on a household basis.
    - Amulets of Bes were popular at all levels of Egyptian society, testimony to his profound popularity as a domestic god.
    - In the Ptolemaic Period there was a dramatic increase in the amount of amulets of Bes, and in the amount of large scale reliefs.He appeared in the temples at Denderah and Abydos, where he was elevated in the Egyptian Pantheon alongside the Great Gods