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  • Apep Demon TitleEnemy of Ra
    The wide range of his possible hiding locations gained him the title "World Encircler"
    GenderMale snake
    Patron - Dominionthe deification darkness and chaos
    Appearancegiant snake
    - crocodile
    - serpent
    Historical Developments
    - An evil demon, opponent of light and Maat
    - Apep was viewed as the greatest enemy of Ra
    - Apep was an earlier and discarded sun-god himself. This explains the snake's strength and his resentment of the daily journey of Ra
    - Each night he attempted to disrupt the passage of the solar barque of Ra, and attacked him in a mountain called Bakhu, where the sun set, or lurked just before dawn, in the Tenth region of the Night.
    - At times Apep was successful and when this occurred stormy weather would occur. When he swallowed the barque, there was a solar eclipse.
    - To ensure his defeat, the prayers of priests aided Ra to continue his journey across the sky.
    - Egyptians developed The Book of Overthrowing Apep, chapters described a gradual process of dismemberment and disposal, including spitting, defiling, smiting with a knife, fettering and putting fire upon Apep
    - Every year Egyptians held a ritual called the "Banishing of Apep". They used an effigy of the snake to beat and destroy. In this way, the power of Apep was contained for another year.
    - During the end of the New Kingdom, the Hebrew religion emerged in the region, Amenmesse (Moses) demonized his enemies of the late 19th Dynasty which embraced Seth as their patron god
    - Consequently by the 22th Dynasty this idea was transmitted to Egypt, Seth was gradually demonized and took on all the characteristics of Apep, who was eventually entirely subsumed.
    The Biblical Satan emerged from the combined forces of Seth and Apep
    Greek equivalentApophis