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  • Sais Location- Lower Egypt - West Delta on the Canopic branch of the Nile
    Nome5th nome of Lower Egypt Capital of Northern shield - the 5th Nome of Lower Egypt
    Type of SettlementCapital City
    Local deityNeith - goddess of warfare
    Ancient nameZau
    Contemporary nameSa el Hagar
    Historical Development- There are no surviving remains for the city before the New Kingdom
    - the city came to prominence during the Third Intermediate Period
    - Late Kingdom - Became Capital of Egypt during the 24th and 26th Dynasties
    - It was an impressive city with many stone buildings. The temple of Neith rivaled in splendor that of the temple of Karnak.
    - Herodotus writing in the 5th century BC, described large obelisks, a sacred lake and a huge granite naos of Ahmose 2
    Monuments- Due to water damage, there are few surviving traces of this town consisting of relief blocks
    - Many of the blocks found at Rosetta, including the famous Rosetta Stone which provided the key to the decipherment of hieroglyphs, came originally from Sais.
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