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Meryetamun Statue Location Upper Egypt - 6 km northeast of modern Sohag
East bank of Nile
Nome9th nome of Upper Egypt Min - the 9th Nome of Upper Egypt
Type of SettlementCapital City
Necropolis- El-Hawawish - the governors of the area were buried during the Old Kingdom from the 4th to the 11th Dynasties
- El-Salamuni Promontory - rock cut tombs of the Ptolemaic Period, some of which are decorated with zodiac ceilings
Local deityThe god of fertility and master of the deserts Min
Ancient nameIpu or Khent- Min
Contemporary nameAkhmim
Historical Development- In the Ptolemaic Period, Min was associated with the Greek god Pan, and the city was called Panopolis.
- Strabo mentions linen-weaving and stone-cutting as ancient industries of Panopolis
Monuments- Many of the ancient buildings of Akhmim were dismantled to be used in later periods and today little exists in its original form
- Fragments of the Ptolemaic temple of Min and his consort Repyt
- The 11 meters tall statue of Meryetamun (Beloved of Amun ) - the tallest statue of an ancient queen, now stands in the middle of town. She was one of the consort of Ramses 2 after the death of Nefertari, as well as a priestess of the Temple of Min

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