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Dahshur Location Upper Egypt - 8 kilometers south of Saqqara
West bank of Nile
Nome22nd nome of Upper Egypt Knife - the 22nd Nome of Upper Egypt
Type of SettlementRoyal necropolis of the Old Kingdom 4th Dynasty, and Middle Kingdom 12th Dynasty
Historical Development- Archaeological research has revealed no traces of activity in this area before Snefru, which may mean that he chose this area, because it had not been used before.
- The first notable building activity in the area after Snefru is dated to the reign of Amenemhet 2 of the 12th Dynasty,
- After the Middle Kingdom, Dahshur seems to have lost its appeal as a royal necropolis. Amenemhet's 3 pyramid was the last royal funerary monument that was built there
  1. Old Kingdom Pyramids constructed during the reign of Pharaoh Snefru
    • The Bent Pyramid
    • The Red Pyramid
  2. Middle Kingdom Pyramids of the 12th Dynasty:
  3. Several tombs and Mastabas from the Old Kingdom
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Photos: Dahshur Necropolis

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