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  • Abusir Necropolis

  • Abusir Location Lower Egypt - 5 kilometers north of Saqqara
    West bank of Nile, bordering the Sahara Desert
    Nome1st nome of Lower Egypt White fortress - the 1st Nome of Lower Egypt
    Type of SettlementRoyal necropolis of the Old Kingdom's 5th Dynasty
    Local deityOsiris
    Ancient nameEgyptian Per-Usir "The house of Osiris "
    Historical Development Old Kingdom - The first Pharaoh to start building at Abusir was Userkaf, the founder of the 5th Dynasty, He built a unique sun temple.
    - The presence of Abusir Lake made the site easily accessible by boat
    Monuments- There are seven 5th Dynasty pyramids at this site.
    - The quality of construction of the Abusir pyramids is inferior to those of the 4th Dynasty
    - Abusir was the origin of the largest find of Old Kingdom papyri ? the Abusir Papyri.
    - The three major pyramids are those of Niuserre, Neferirkare and Sahure.
    - The site is also home to the incomplete Pyramids of Neferefre and Shepseskare
    - All of the major pyramids at Abusir were built as step pyramids
    - The Pyramid of Neferirkare was built as a 6-step pyramid 52m high, and then later transformed into a "true" pyramid by having its steps filled in with loose masonry, and reached a height of 72m
    - The Abusir Papyri - the largest find of Old Kingdom's papyri to date

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