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  • Rule:6th Dynasty: 2291-2289 BC
    Predecessor:Teti 1
    Nomen:Birth name: Userkare: The soul of Ra is strong
    Capital City:Memphis
    Reign:- Userkare was a claimant to the throne from the 5th Dynasty
    - He opposed his immediate predecessor Teti 1, and set a conspiracy that murdered Teti by his bodyguards.
    - Userkare then usurped the throne, while the son of Teti 1 was still very young to claim his rights
    - The reign of Userkare was very short, it lasted only 2 years with very few records
    - An inscription mentions his workforce from the 12th Upper Egypt Nome Tu-ph, engaged on a large scale construction of his tomb, however this project was not completed due to his short reign
    - Later the 6th dynasty line was restored when Queen Iput 1, Teti's 1 widow saw her son Pepi 1 succeed the throne
    Burial:- No tomb or pyramid has been identified for him
    - The restoration of the 5th dynasty royal line explains the disappearance of all the monuments of Userkare
    Successor:Pepi 1
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