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  • Userkaf Rule:Founder of 5th Dynasty: 2465-2458 BC
    Mother:- His mother Queen Neferhetepes 1 was Djedefre's daughter.
    Nomen:Birth name: Userkaf: His soul is strong
    Consorts:- He strengthened his claim to the throne by marrying Khentkawes 1, the daughter of Menkaura and half sister of his predecessor Djedefptah, who did not have any children to inherit the throne,
    His wife Khentkawes, built her own pyramid at Giza
    - He also has another wife Neferhetepes 2, the mother of his son and immediate successor
    Capital City:Memphis
    Reign:- Userkaf was a grandson of Djedefre, the immediate successor of Khufu.
    - He is given credit for establishing Egypt's first contact with the Aegean world. An inscribed stone vessel from his mortuary temple was found on Cythera
    - He elevated the cult of Ra and erected a sun temple at Abusir,
    Following the building of this first solar temple, the succeeding members of the 5th Dynasty would not also build their sun-temples at Abusir, but also their pyramids
    - During his reign central authority was reduced. Nobles, especially in Upper Egypt, managed to increase their regional importance.
    Burial:- His pyramid was built at Saqqara, and was only 49 meters high and side length of 73.5 meters, which is relatively small, as well as poor in its completion.
    - In contrast with his richly decorated mortuary temple with the colossal statue of the king wearing the Red Crown
    Successor:Son Sahure out of Neferhetepes 2

    Photos: Userkaf Pyramid