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  • Teti Rule:Founder of 6th Dynasty: 2323-2291 BC
    Predecessor:Father in law Unas
    Mother:Queen Sesheshet, she was entombed in pyramid rediscovered in 2008, it originally reached 14 meters tall and a base of 22 meters
    Nomen:Birth name: Teti: Beloved of Ptah
    Consorts:- He married Iput the daughter of his predecessor Unas, in order to legitimize his claim to the throne,
    - Khuit
    Capital City:Memphis
    Reign:- Traditionally considered as the first Pharaoh of the 6th Dynasty. But the gateway in Unas mortuary temple shows inscriptions with the titles of Teti, indicating that part of the temple was completed after Unas's death.
    This suggests that there may not have been a true break between the 5th and 6th Dynasties.
    - During his reign nobles built funerary monuments that rivaled that of the Pharaoh.
    Wealth was transferred from the central court to the nobility, a process that culminated in the end to the Old Kingdom.
    - His Vizier Mereruka, married Teti's daughter, and built a large Mastaba consisting of 32 rooms
    - He exempted the temple at Abydos from taxes, and he was the first ruler to be particularly associated with the cult of Hathor at Denderah.
    - He was murdered by his palace bodyguards in a harem plot, and succeeded by Userkare
    Burial:- Teti was responsible for the construction an Old Kingdom Pyramid at Saqqara
    Pyramid Texts were inscribed of the walls of his pyramid
    Inside the burial chamber was found an undecorated sarcophagus containing the arm and shoulder of a mummy, presumably his.
    Successor:usurper Userkare

    Photos: Teti I Pyramid