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  • Sobekneferu Rule:12th Dynasty: 1806-1800 BC
    Predecessor:Brother/Consort Amenemhet 4
    Father:Amenemhet 3
    Mother:Queen Aat
    Nomen:Birth name: Sobekneferu: Sobek is the beauty of Ra
    Praenomen:Throne name: Sobekkare: Sobek is the soul of Ra
    Consorts:Amenemhet 4
    Capital City:Crocodilopolis
    Reign: - Sobekneferu is the first certain known Egyptian queen, and one of the few females to rule the country
    - After the death of her brother/husband Amenemhet 4 who left no heir, Sobekneferu took the throne herself, with the support of the priests of Sobek.
    - She built the religious center in Crocodilopolis called Shedet, dedicated to the crocodile god Sobek
    She extended the Labyrinth of Pharaoh Amenemhet 3 by his pyramid at Hawara
    A graffito at Kumma in Nubia records the height of the Nile in the 3rd year of her reign>
    - She appears dressed as a female unlike Hatshepsut
    - After her death the country was divided between the 13th Dynasty Pharaohs from Thebes and the 14th Dynasty ruling from Xois in the Delta
    - This division lead to weakness Hyksos invasions in the Delta in 1674 BC
    Burial:Her tomb has not been positively identified, though she may have been buried in the unidentified north pyramid of Mazguna
    Although the pyramid substructure was completed, no one was buried in it. Moreover the superstructure and the complex as a whole was ever completed
    Successor:Division of Egypt and end of Middle kingdom