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  • Siptah Rule:19th Dynasty: 1197-1191 BC
    Predecessor:Father Seti 2
    Mother:concubine Sutailja
    Nomen:Birth name: Siptah: The son of Ptah
    Praenomen:Throne name: Akhenre-Setepenre: Beautiful for Ra, chosen for Ra
    Capital City:Memphis
    Reign:- Siptah was only a child of ten or eleven years when he assumed power
    - was under the regency of his step mother Tawosret and Chancellor Bay.
    - Tawosret might have actually married her step son Siptah in order to be the Queen regent
    - Chancellor Bay (Biblical Joseph) later fell out of favor at Court and was executed in the fifth Year of Siptah's reign, on orders of the Pharaoh himself.

    The Tenth Plague of Egypt - Death of Firstborn

    • However Siptah himself died shortly afterwards, due to a plague.
    • An examination of his mummy revealed that he died around age 16 and likely suffered from polio and had a severely deformed and crippled left foot
      The young boy left no monuments or achievements at all, and a country in chaos with a weak central authority.
    • This event is mentioned in the Bible as the son of the pharaoh who fell victim to the Tenth Plague
    • He is the Pharaoh's son whom the Angel of Death killed because he was the first born of the reigning pharaoh's family
    • Also In the Bible God told Amenmesse (Moses) that this plague would cause Pharaoh to send the Israelites away, and ordered him to prepare the people to leave
    • The Exodus was actually performed a few years later by the Setnakhte, the founder of the 20th Dynasty
    Burial:- Valley of Kings in KV47
    The corridors leading to the burial chamber are 100 meters in length, and decorated with several scenes from the Book of the Dead. However the hall and antechamber are undecorated and roughly painted
    The burial chamber has 4 pillars and a pink granite sarcophagus. Otherwise, only fragments of canopic jars and ushabti figures were discovered
    He was reburied in Deir el Bahri cache KV35 along with the other pharaohs of his Dynasty
    Successor:- He died without any male heir, his step mother/wife Tawosret assumed the throne and ruled Egypt as a Queen for another 2 Years.
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