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  • Shabaka Rule:25th Dynasty: 721-707 BC
    Predecessor:Brother Piye
    Praenomen:Throne name: Neferkare: Beautiful is the soul of Ra
    Consorts:Mesbat and Qalhata
    Capital City:Thebes
    Reign:- Pharaoh Shabaka was from Nubia.
    - Shabaka completed the reunification of Egypt, and consolidated the Nubian control over all of Egypt from Nubia down to the Delta region
    - Though Piye chose to govern from Napata, Shabaka instead ruled from Thebes
    - It should be noted that the Egyptians did not treat these Nubians as foreign invaders but rather as close allies; the vast similarities in culture would readily explain this.
    - During his reign, he undertook some building projects:
    The Fourth Pylon at Karnak has an inscription that tells of his restoration of the gate.
    He also started work on the second pylon in front of the temple of Thutmose 3 at Medinet Habu.
    In Karnak he erected a pink granite statue of himself wearing the Double Crown
    - Shabaka's sister, Amunirdis 1 held a position that was very important politically as well as religiously, she was called "god's wife of Amun " at Thebes.
    Her funerary temple was at Medinet Habu and was in front of the temple of Ramses 3
    - He is probably best known for the Shabaka Stone. This is a stone with the information of Memphite beliefs carved on it.
    The stone was commissioned by Shabaka when it was found that the only information left of the Memphite beliefs was on a deteriorating piece of papyrus
    The idea of the stone was to preserve the Egyptian Memphite belief system forever
    Unfortunately the stone was later used as a mill stone and parts of the text are illegible.
    Burial:He promoted a return to ancient religious customs like pyramid burials., and was buried in a small pyramid in el-Kurru (north Sudan)
    Successor:Nephew Shebitku