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Sahure Rule:5th Dynasty: 2458-2446 BC
Predecessor:Father Userkaf
Mother:Neferhetepes 2
Nomen:Birth name: Sahure: He who is close to Ra
Capital City:Memphis
Reign:- During Sahure's reign expeditions were sent to Byblos in Lebanon, reliefs in his mortuary and valley temple depict a counting of foreigners and the return of a fleet, with a huge cedar tree
- He also sent the first documented expedition to the land of Punt, inscriptions depicts king Sahure cultivating two potted myrrh tree brought from Punt in his garden.
- Another inscription depict four cargo ships bringing goods from a foreign expedition to Punt, namely dogs, monkeys and myrrh trees.
- Due to this naval activity, Sahure is credited with establishing the first Egyptian navy.
- He also led a campaign against the Libyans in the north-western desert, which yielded cattle, and showed Sahure smiting the local enemies
- He quarried for turquoise in Sinai at Wadi Maghara, along with the diorite quarries in Nubia
- Sahure also built a sun temple as most of the other 5th Dynasty Pharaohs, but it's location has not been discovered. The textual evidence shows that this temple was named Sekhet-Ra, meaning "The Fields of Ra"
Burial:- Sahure was responsible for the construction of the best preserved of the 5th Dynasty pyramid at Abusir
Successor:- Sahure's successor to the throne was not his eldest son and intended heir Netjerirenre, but rather his brother
- Neferirkare usurped the throne at the expense of his nephew Netjerirenre, who was apparently still a child at Sahure's death

Photos: Sahure Pyramid

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