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  • Ramses 5 Rule:20th Dynasty: 1149-1145 BC
    Predecessor:Father Ramses 4
    Nomen:Birth name: Ramses: Ra Has fashioned him
    Praenomen:Throne name: Usermmatre: Powerful is the justice of Ra
    Capital City:Avaris (Pi-Ramesse)
    Reign:- His reign was characterized by a decline in Egypt and the continued growth of the power of the High Priest of Amun Ramessesnakht
    Most of the agricultural land was controlled by the Amun temples which directed the country's finances
    - There was a financial scandal during his reign that involved the priests of Elephantine
    - He erected a stelae at Gebel Silsila
    - He was buried during the second year of his successor's reign, this was highly unusual, since pharaohs were ordinarily buried after a strictly prescribed seventy days of mummification, an explanation for the unusual timing of his burial is that he died of smallpox, and his embalmers suffered an epidemic, which postponed the preparation and burial of the body
    Burial:- He was initially buried in the Valley of Kings in KV 9
    Based on an examination of his mummy he suffered of smallpox and died at the age of 35.
    - His tomb KV 9 was usurped by his successor Ramses 6.
    - Finally he was reburied during the 21st Dynasty in the Deir el Bahri cache KV 35
    Successor:- He was deposed by his successor Ramses 6 during a dynastic struggle, Ramses 6 was a son of Ramses 3 out of Isis Ta-Hemdjert
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