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  • New Kingdom
  • Ramses 1

  • Ramses 1 Rule:Founder of 19th Dynasty: 1292-1290 BC,
    Predecessor:Paramessu was the military comrade and most trusted advisor of Horemheb who chose him as his successor since he had no sons of his own
    Nomen:Birth name: Ramses: Ra has fashioned him
    Praenomen:Throne name: Menpehtire: Eternal is the strength of Ra
    Capital City:Avaris (Pi-Ramesse)
    Reign:- Originally he was called Paramessu, and was son of Seti a judge and troop commander from Avaris in the Delta.
    This new Pharaoh was from the chariot division of the military, which emerged as the most prestigious section of the army
    - Ramses 1 had a brief reign of two years and accomplished no major works
    - He is the grandfather of the great and famous Pharaoh, Ramses 2
    - Ramses 1 moved his capital city his home town Avaris. The city was renamed Pi-Ramesse Aa-nakhtu meaning "the House Domain of Ramses, Great of Victories". The decision to transfer his government this far north from Thebes may have been caused by geopolitical reasons.
    - The troublesome border with the hostile Hittite empire lay much closer. Intelligence and diplomats would reach the Pharaoh much quicker.
    The main corps of the army were also encamped in the city and could quickly be mobilized.
    Burial:He was buried in the Valley of Kings KV 16, this is a small and poorly decorated tomb
    Eventually during the 21st Dynasty he was reburied in Deir el Bahri cache
    Successor:- He was succeeded by his son Seti 1 out of Queen Sit-Re, who held the titles Vizier and Troop Commander under his father prior to succeeding him.
    Wikipedia:Ramses 1
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