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  • Ptolemy 8 Physcon Rule:Ptolemaic Dynasty: 145-116 BC
    Predecessor:Brother Ptolemy 6 Philomentor
    Father:Ptolemy 5 Epiphanes
    Mother:Cleopatra 1 daughter of Antiochus
    Praenomen:Throne name: Sekhemankhenamun: The living image of Amun
    Epithet:Physcon: Potbelly
    Consorts:Cleopatra 2 sister and widow of Ptolemy 6
    Cleopatra 3
    Capital City:Alexandria
    Reign:- When His brother Ptolemy 6 Philomentor died, Ptolemy 8 married Cleopatra 2 the widow of Ptolemy 6, and killed her young son Ptolemy 7 succeeding the throne
    - Physcon took his revenge on the Jews and intellectuals of Alexandria who had opposed him in favor of his late brother Ptolemy 6, engaging in mass purges and expulsions that included Aristarchus of Samothrace and Apollodorus
    - He then married Cleopatra 3 who was the daughter of his brother Ptolemy 6 Philomentor and his wife Cleopatra 2, having both mother and daughter at the same time
    - In 132 BC the people of Alexandria rioted and set fire to the royal palace.
    Physcon, Cleopatra 3, and their children escaped to Cyprus, while Cleopatra 2 had her 12 years old son (also Physcon's son), Ptolemy Memphitis acclaimed as Pharaoh.
    Physcon was however able to get hold of the boy and killed him, dismembering the body of his own son pieces.
    - His only positive contribution was the construction of the temple of Hathor Denderah
    - He was also responsible for decorating the gateway of the Second Pylon in the temple of Amun at Karnak.
    - When he died, he left the throne to Cleopatra 3 and her son Ptolemy 9
    Wikipedia:Ptolemy 8 Physcon
    Successor:Son Ptolemy 9 Soter and wife Cleopatra 3