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  • Ptolemy 6 Philometor Rule:Ptolemaic Dynasty: 180-145 BC
    Predecessor:Father Ptolemy 5 Epiphanes
    Mother:Cleopatra I daughter of Antiochus
    Praenomen:Throne name: Setepenptahkheperi: Chosen of Ptah-Khepri
    Epithet:Philometor: Mother-loving
    Consorts:Sister Cleopatra 2
    Capital City:Alexandria
    Reign:- He came to the throne as an infant at the age of about 6 and ruled jointly with his mother, Cleopatra 1, until her death in 176 BC
    - The young Pharaoh came under the control of his guardians and advisors, Eulaeus and Lenaeus, two former slaves from barbarian origins
    - In 172 BC at the age of 16 he married his little sister Cleoptra 2, who was younger
    - In 170 BC, Antiochus 4 the Seleucid king from Syria invaded Egypt twice, and was crowned as its Pharaoh in 168 BC, but abandoned his claim on the orders of the Roman Senate. The Ptolemaic Period might have been brought to its end, had not Rome intervened. This was a turning point in Egyptian history, now was brought within the Roman sphere of power
    - In 164 BC he was driven out by his brother Ptolemy 8 Physcon, but again he received support from Rome and was restored the following year, reaching an agreement to split the rule, with Physcon ruling the western province of Cyrenaica (Libya) and Philometor retaining the rule of Egypt.
    - Both the brothers wore the royal headband and exercised the authority, strife within the royal family wasted the strength of the Ptolemaic Dynasty.
    - Ptolemy 6 was responsible for the construction of the Temple of Kom Ombo, and additions to the Esna Temple
    - In 145 BC he was killed in Syria, fighting against Alexander Balas.
    - His infant son Ptolemy 7 Neos Philopator, succeeded him to the throne for a few days.
    - Ptolemy 8 Physcon was determined to regain control of Egypt. He married Cleopatra 2 the widow of Ptolemy 6, and her son, Ptolemy 7 was killed during the wedding party, leaving his uncle as Pharaoh.
    Successor:Brother Ptolemy 8 Physcon
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