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  • Ptolemy 4 Philopator Rule:Ptolemaic Dynasty: 222-205 BC
    Predecessor:Father Ptolemy 3 Euergetes
    Mother:Berenice 2 of Cyrenaica
    Praenomen:Throne name: Setepenptah-Weserkare: Chosen of Ptah, powerful is the soul of Ra
    Epithet:Philopator: Father-loving
    Consorts:Arsinoe 3
    Capital City:Alexandria
    Reign:- From the time of Ptolemy 4 onward, The Dynasty's declining prestige abroad was matched by faltering administration at home
    - His main interest was in building galley ships, including a huge, though apparently immovable ship measuring some 150 meters in length with a capacity to hold some 2,850 marines
    - He was aided and abetted by Sosibius, an Alexandrian Greek who had ingratiated himself into high office and made sure that he was indispensable to the Pharaoh.
    - He was heavily influenced by his favorites and women
    - On the advice of Sosibius, Ptolemy 4 had is mother, brother, and uncle killed, most likely to try to retain control of the government.
    - Antiochus 3 of Syria, moved through Phoenicia capturing the port of Seleucia-in-Pieria, Tyre and Ptolemais-Ake.
    - In 217 BC Ptolemy 4 took the field and defeated Antiochus 3, relieving Egypt of the threat of invasion
    - Egyptians started a strong nationalist movement campaign against the Alexandria court, and by the end of his reign, they were able to achieve total independence in the south which was ruled once more by native Pharaohs.
    - During the period of rebel insurrection, an increased army of mercenaries was needed to fend off their constant marauding, further draining capital and resulting in a cutback in overseas trade, which in turn made the economic situation even worse.
    - When Ptolemy 4 died Sosibius and Agathocles had his wife and sister Arsinoe 3 killed.
    Successor:Son Ptolemy 5 Epiphanes out of Arsinoe 3
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