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  • ptolemy 2 Rule:Ptolemaic Dynasty: 285-246 BC
    Predecessor:Father Ptolemy 1
    Mother:Bernice 1
    Praenomen:Throne name: Weserkare Meryamun: Powerful is the soul of Ra, beloved of Amun
    Epithet:Philadelphus: Brother/sister loving
    Consorts:- Arsinoe 1
    - He also married his full sister Arsinoe 2 but had no children from her, Arsinoe 2 was deified after her death.
    Capital City:Alexandria
    - He began his reign as co-regent with his father Ptolemy 1 from 288-285 BC
    - His education had been directed by Strato a representatives of the school of Aristotle, and Ptolemy's 2 eager interest in science was stimulated by Aristotle and his disciples.
    - He Expanded the Alexandria library and patronized scientific research.
    - He commissioned the Greek translation of the Hebrew Torah, the Septuagint
    - Conducted successful military campaigns against the Seleucids (the Hellenistic dynastic ruling Syria), and solidified the Egypt's position as the undisputed naval power of the Aegean, eastern Mediterranean trade routes and the sea passage through the Black Sea
    - Extended the Egyptian empire into Nubia and the Syria
    - Completed the construction of the Pharos Lighthouse in 283 BC
    - Completed a canal from the Nile to the Gulf of Suez. The construction of this canal was begun under Necho and abandoned by Darius during the second Persian rule
    - Ptolemy 2 started temples at the Island of Philae
    - At first, he made a dynastic marriage with Arsinoe 1, the daughter of the powerful Lysimachus of Thrace, she had three children, one of them is Ptolemy 3
    Successor:Son Ptolemy 3 Euergetes out of Arsinoe 1
    Wikipedia:Ptolemy 2 Philadelphus