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    Piye Stela
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    Piye Pyramid
    Rule:Founder of 25th Dynasty: 752-721 BC
    Predecessor:Father Kashta
    Capital City:Napata in Nubia
    Reign:- Piye was the son of the Nubian, king Kashta
    - The state religion of Nubia since the days of the Egyptian occupation in the New Kingdom was that of Amun, accordingly much feeling among Kushite kings was that Egypt and in particular Thebes was their spiritual home
    - At the time Piye ascended his Napatan throne Egypt was politically in a very poor state, and he first expanded Nubian power beyond Thebes into central Egypt.
    - His enemy Tefnakht, the ruler of Sais in Lower Egypt formed a coalition to confront Piye expansion
    - The major campaign against the local kings of the Delta region are described on a stela in Gebel-Barkal, and were viewed as a Holy War
    - The victory stela was discovered in the ruins of the temple of Amun at Napata, it is the foremost historical inscription of the Late Period.
    - It shows Piye as powerful and generous at the same time, preferring treaties to warfare, and when fighting he did not glory in the slaughter and smiting of his adversaries as previous kings.
    - Piye won the battle, conquered most Lower Egypt re-establishing central authority.
    - However he did not end Tefnakhyt's line, it was Piye's successor Shabaka who later completed this task.
    Burial:- He was buried in a small Pyramid in el-Kurru, under the first of a long series of royal pyramids that were to be built in Nubia
    - This small pyramid is now in ruins, with the burial chamber open to the sky and the super-structure gone
    - His body was not found, but fragments of the set of canopic jars and remains of ushabti figures have survived
    Successor:Brother Shabaka