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  • Pepi 2 Rule:6th Dynasty: 2246-2152 BC
    Predecessor:Older half-brother, Merenre 1
    Father:- Pepi 2 is the son of Pepi 1
    Mother:His mother Ankhesenmerire 2 ruled as regent in the early years of Pepi 1
    - An alabaster statuette depicts a young Pepi 2, in full kingly regalia, sitting on the lap of his mother
    Praenomen:Throne name: Neferkare: The soul of Ra is beautiful
    - Ankhnespepi, Wedjebten and Iput
    Capital City:Memphis
    Reign:- He was only six years old when he came to the throne, and his mother served as his regent.
    - He reportedly ruled Egypt for 94 years, the longest in Egyptian history
    - As a child he received word that a dwarf had been captured. He sent detailed instructions on the care of the dwarf, including a promise of a reward to the official that brought the dwarf safely to him. The letter stressed the importance of 24 hour care to keep the dwarf safe from harm.
    - Pepi sent trading expeditions to Punt and Nubia.
    - During Pepi 2 reign there was a shift of power from the Pharaoh to the Nobles. While the power of the monarchs grew, the power of pharaoh dissolved.
    - He gave gifts to the Nobles which increased their treasuries and emptied his. It is likely that foreign interests also accelerated the collapse of the 6th Dynasty
    - After his death, the central government collapsed and the Old Kingdom ended.
    Burial:- His pyramid was built in Saqqara
    - Pyramid Texts were inscribed of the walls of his pyramid
    Successor:Son Merenre 2 out of Neith
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