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  • Pepi 1 Rule:6th Dynasty: 2289-2255 BC
    Predecessor:Usurper Userkare
    Father:Teti 1
    Mother:Iput 1: Pepi 1 changed the mastaba tomb of his mother to a pyramid to announce her divine status, which helped him establish his legal rights
    Praenomen:Throne name: Meryre: Beloved of Ra
    Ankhnesmerire 1
    Ankhnesmerire 2
    Capital City:Memphis
    Reign:- His father died while he was very young, a certain Userkare usurpered the throne. But only ruled two years
    - Pepi 1 was restored to the throne with the help of his mother, and ruled for approximately 45 years.
    - During the early part of his reign, the nobles outside his court began to gain influence and wealth by building fine tombs for themselves and boasting of privileges they had as friends of the Pharaoh.
    - One of his most important court officials was Weni, the commander in Chief of the army
    - There was a foiled conspiracy against Pepi 1 that was formulated by one of his wives, Weret-Imtes, this conspiracy may have occurred in the 42nd year of Pepi's reign.
    Her accomplish may have been Rewer, a Vizier of Pepi since his name has been erased from the tomb.
    - He sent out various expeditions outside Egypt, to bring back fine stone for building projects
    - General Weni organized the army of Pepi 1 into battalions with a core of professional soldiers, this organization lasted into the New Kingdom.
    Scribes and administrators also followed the army on campaigns.
    Weni trained his soldiers to be aggressive rather than to be defensive. He also included Nubian warriors in the army.
    - Pepi also left a number of artifacts behind, including a large copper statue, found in Hierakonpolis.
    - It is the oldest known large scale metal statue
    Burial:- He built a pyramid complex for himself in Saqqara, it has not withstood time well.
    Pyramid Texts were inscribed of the walls of his pyramid
    Successor:- He was first succeeded by his son Merenre 1 out of Ankhnesmerire 1, and later by another son Pepi 2
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