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    Niuserre temple
    Niuserre sun temple
    Rule:5th Dynasty: 2420-2389 BC
    Predecessor:Brother Neferefre
    Mother:Khentkawes 2
    Nomen:Birth name: Ini
    Praenomen:Throne name: Niuserre: Possessed by Ra's power
    Consorts:A statue of his wife Reput-nebu was found in his pyramid complex, however they had no known children
    Capital City:Memphis
    Reign:- Military campaigns to Libya and Syria are mentioned in inscriptions of his reign, showing the king smiting his enemies
    - During his rule the solar cult was at its summit.
    - He built a Sun temple in Abu Ghurab, just north of Abusir. It is the most complete of the sun temples completely constructed of stone
    The temple consisted of an open air court 100.5 x 76m, oriented east west in accordance with the path of the sun, this court included an altar for slaughtering the sacrificial offerings
    The walls of the surrounding portico contain depictions of the king Sed Festival and the creation myth by Ra
    An Obelisk representing the first ray of light to touch the earth at the moment of creation, it stood at the west side of the court, this was the main focal point of the structure
    Directly outside the temple to the south, a stone solar boat was erected
    Burial:- His pyramid complex at Abusir is located between those of Sahure and his father Neferirkare.
    Its height was 50m, with a base of about 79 square meters and a slope of 52 degrees.
    - His queen, Reput-Nebu, was also buried at Abusir
    Successor:Son Menkauhor out of Reput-nebu

    Photos: Niuserre Pyramid