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  • Neferefre Rule:5th Dynasty: 2431-2420 BC
    Predecessor:Brother Shepseskare
    Mother:Khentkawes 2
    Nomen:Birth name: Isi: Ra has appeared
    Praenomen:Throne name: Neferefre: Beautiful is Ra
    Capital City:Memphis
    Reign:- He built a solar-temple that has not been identified
    - His funerary temple is situated on the east side of his pyramid, numerous artifacts and statues were found there, as well as a very important papyrus archive found in the north portion of the temple, an addition built by his successor Niuserre, consisting of some 2,000 fragments.
    The papyri include lists of daily services, special festivals, inventories of temple furnishings, registries of accounts and all temple activities carried out after the king's burial.
    This information is important in understanding the function of all pyramid temples during the Old Kingdom, it shows that these temples were not purely symbolic, they were used intensively for a variety of religious ceremonies.
    An offering service for the deceased king was performed every day, five statues of the king were placed in five niches and the priests performed the ancient ritual of the Opening of the Mouth on every statue, this ceremony was followed by food offerings
    Burial:- He started the construction of an unfinished pyramid at Abusir, it has a base length of 65 meters, but it stands only 7 meters high and the walls slope at a 64? angle.
    - The Pharaoh died suddenly and the pyramid was hastily completed to function as a burial monument by the Pharaoh's younger brother Niuserre.
    - From the remains of the mummy found in his tomb, it has been determined that the Pharaoh died at the age of about 22.
    The mummy was found along with fragments of a pink sarcophagus, four alabaster canopic jars and alabaster containers
    Successor:Brother Niuserre
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