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  • Nectanebo Rule:Founder of 30th Dynasty: 380-362 BC
    Predecessor:Nepherites 2
    Nomen:Birth name: Nakhtnebef: Strong is his lord Horus
    Praenomen:Throne name: Kheperkare: The soul of Ra Manifests
    Consorts:- He married the daughter of Chabrias, a Greek lady named Ptolemais
    - Udjashu
    Capital City:Sebennytus - a city in the heart of the Delta
    Reign:- When Hakoris died in 380 BC, Nectanebo 1 ousted his son, deposed and killed him, then assumed control of the throne founding the 30th Dynasty.
    - Shortly after taking over, Egypt was attacked by a combined force of Persians and Greeks.
    The attackers successfully made it across the western side of the Nile Delta, but were delayed before they could take Memphis due to mutual distrust.
    They delayed until the Nile rose and flooded the Delta, which caused them to rethink their plans and withdraw entirely
    - He made a treaty with the Athenian Greeks, and mercenaries under the Greek chieftain Chabrias remained to protect Egypt.
    - The remainder of his reign was stable and Nectanebo rebuilt and enlarged several important temples including Karnak, and Luxor, in a style that is reminiscent of the buildings of the 25th Kush Dynasty
    - He also erected a portico on the sacred island of Philae, the oldest standing section of the temple
    Burial:He was buried at Sebennytus, but no definite tomb was found. A few of his ushabti figures were found along with broken remains of his sarcophagus
    Successor:- From 365 BC, Nectanebo was a co-regent with his son Teos out of Udjashu, who succeeded him in 362 BC
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