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  • Merenre 1 Rule:6th Dynasty: 2255-2246 BC
    Predecessor:Father Pepi 1
    Mother:Ankhnesmerire 1
    Nomen:Birth name: Nemtimsaf: Nemti is his protector
    Praenomen:Throne name: Merenre: Beloved of Ra
    Consorts:Ankhnesmerire 2, widow of Pepi 1 and mother of Pepi 2
    Capital City:Memphis
    Reign:- In order to secure control over Egypt's southern regions, he led deep explorations in Nubia
    In his 5th regnal year he visited Aswan to receive tribute from southern chieftains
    He also appointed governors for Nubia, hence taking the power from many local chiefs and strengthening the central government
    - Inscriptions show he traded and had diplomatic relations with Byblos, and quarried for precious stones in Sinai
    - A copper statue of Merenre as a young boy with his father Pepi 1 was found in Hierakonpolis, these are the oldest large copper statues ever found
    Burial:- His mud brick pyramid in Saqqara was never finished
    The pyramid is now in ruins and the plan of the mortuary temple, causeway and valley temple is unknown.
    - However the mummy inside is the oldest complete royal mummy ever found.
    - Pyramid Texts were inscribed of the walls of this pyramid
    Successor:He died without a male heir and was succeeded by his half brother Pepi 2
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