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  • Mentuhotep 2 Rule:Founder of 11th Dynasty: 2055-2004 BC
    Predecessor:Father Inyotef 3
    Nomen:Birth name: Mentuhotep: Mentu is satisfied
    Praenomen:Throne name: Nebhepetre: Lord Of The Rudder is Ra
    - Neferu
    Capital City:Thebes
    Reign:- Mentuhotep was the son of Inyotef 3, a small regional king Thebes, Egypt was divided during the First Intermediate Period between many local nobles
    - During the early stage of his life Mentuhotep had the royal title of 'He who gives heart to the Two Lands',
    - He first defeated the Hierakonpolis rulers and claimed the throne of all Upper (south) Egypt
    This marked the transition from being a small regional ruler to being an important king.
    He changed his title to 'Lord of the White Crown'
    - He then fought against the Libyans in the Delta and the Asiatic in the Sinai, reuniting all of Egypt.
    This marked the beginning of the Middle Kingdom with Mentuhotep being the first Pharaoh, establishing his capital city in Thebes
    He again changed his title to the 'Uniter of the Two Lands', reflecting this important political event
    - He re- established a strong central government, and prosperity settled over the country
    - The warrior king adopted the War god Mentu as the National god of all Egypt
    - He built or restored several temples and monuments in Upper Egypt, but most of this work was reconstructed during the New Kingdom
    Burial:- He built his mortuary complex at Deir El Bahri where he and his wives and members of his court were buried.
    The sarcophagi contained important information about the Egyptian language at the close of the First Intermediate Period.
    Also discovered at Deir El Bahri were the bodies of 60 soldiers, all having died of battle wounds, they wore shrouds marked with cartouches and seals of Nebhetepre.
    His temple was later incorporated into Hatshepsut's temple
    Successor:Son Mentuhotep 3 out of Neferu
    Wikipedia:Mentuhotep 2
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