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  • Menkaura Rule:4th Dynasty: 2490-2472 BC
    Predecessor:Father Khafre
    Mother:Khamerenebty 1
    Nomen:Birth name: Menkaura: Eternal is the soul of Ra
    Consorts:sister Khamerernebty 2
    Capital City:Memphis
    Reign:- He ordered the construction of the third and smallest pyramid at Giza
    The pyramid is noticeably smaller than the previous two, it seems that the economy was declining and a small pyramid was all that could be afforded.
    However the casing was made of fine granite standing out from the less elaborate limestone casing of the larger pyramids
    - Slate statues discovered in the valley temple at Giza included triad groups of Menkaura accompanied by the goddess Hathor, who was given the features of his queen, Khamerernebty 2.
    - There were also statue fragments of the Pharaoh standing with Nome (province) deities
    - Little is known about his reign, with the exception Herodotus accounts that states that Menkaura's reign was both benevolent and prosperous.
    Herodotus records that Menkaura reopened temples to the general public, which had been closed, and repealed many of the more oppressive measures of his predecessors.
    The reason for this little knowledge, was the lack of inscriptions and hieroglyphics on the enduring monument
    Burial:- In the main burial chamber of the pyramid a large decorated basalt sarcophagus was found
    Adjacent to the burial chamber were found wooden fragments of a coffin bearing the name of Menkaura and a skeleton wrapped in cloth, however those remains where lost when being transported by a ship to England
    Successor:Menkaura was not succeeded by his eldest son Prince Khuenre, who predeceased Menkaura, but by his younger son Shepseskaf out of Khamerenebty 2

    Photos: Menkaura Pyramid