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  • Menkauhor Rule:5th Dynasty: 2389-2381 BC
    Predecessor:Father Niuserre
    Nomen:Birth name: Kaiu: Ra has appeared
    Praenomen:Throne name: Menkauhor: Eternal are the souls of Horus
    Capital City:Memphis
    Reign:- He was the last Pharaoh to build a sun temple, his successors appear to have drifted away somewhat from the solar cult
    This solar temple ("Akhet-re") is attested in inscription, but it's location has not been identified
    - In a slight break of tradition his throne name mentions the god Horus not Ra, as his five predecessors.
    - He sent his troops to Sinai in order to acquire materials for the construction of his tomb.
    - During his reign one of the most valuable historical record to Egyptology was made, the famous "Palermo Stone" which has a list of kings and annual notations of events from the times of Menes 750 years earlier.
    - Otherwise he is attested to by a small alabaster statue, and a seal bearing his name found at Abusir.
    Burial:- He built the "Headless Pyramid" in Saqqara
    The location of his pyramid is a shift from the previous burial ground of Abusir.
    In selecting a new place for the construction of a tomb, the availability of appropriate stone quarries and workshops for craftsmen obviously played an important role
    The pyramid was lost under shifting sands until it was rediscovered in 2008. Only the pyramid's base was found, the rest of the structure did not survive time
    Excavations have revealed the entrance, walls, funerary chamber and a piece of a grey granite sarcophagus
    Successor:Son Djedkare
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