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Huni Rule:3rd Dynasty: 2599-2575 BC
Nomen:Birth name: Huni: The smiter
Consorts:Queen Meresankh 1
Capital City:Memphis
Reign:- Very little about this Pharaoh, the last king of the 3rd Dynasty
- He established a fortress in Elephantine, securing the southern border of Egypt at the First Cataract.
- He changed tradition by moving the royal necropolis from Saqqara, south to Meidum in Fayum
- He was the father of Snefru, out of Meresankh, who was either a lesser wife or concubine.
- Substantial construction
  1. Fortress on the island of Elephantine, securing the southern border of Egypt
  2. Several small step pyramids scattered in remote areas, these have unknown ceremonial purposes since they contain no internal chambers, so they are not tombs
    The most famous of such pyramids is located in Elephantine, it is a small granite step pyramid bearing an inscription with his name
Burial:- He might have started the construction of the pyramid at Meidum, which was later finished by Snefru
However there is no evidence that the Meidum pyramid was his burial place, since only Snefru and his family appear in the inscriptions, this gave ground to a theory that Snefru built the Pyramid of Meidum pyramid alone, and Huni has nothing to do with it
Unique to the pyramid; however, is the first square ground plan unlike the rectangular plans of previous mastabas, an architectural invention which was introduced to all future of Egyptian pyramids
Successor:- His successor was his son Snefru who legitimized the throne by marring to his half sister queen Hetepheres, who was also the daughter of Huni

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