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  • Horemheb Rule:18th Dynasty: 1320-1292 BC
    Nomen:Birth name: Horemheb Meryamun: Horus is in jubilation, beloved of Amun
    Praenomen:Throne name: Djeserkheperure-Setepenre: Holy are the manifestations of Ra, chosen of Ra
    Consorts:Mutnodjmet, sister of Nefertiti
    Capital City:Thebes
    Reign:- Horemheb is considered the last Pharaoh of 18th Dynasty
    - During the reign of Tutankhamen, he became Pharaoh's Army commander
    - When Tutankhamen died, Horemheb was designated as Crown Prince. However, the aged Vizier Ay managed to sideline Horemheb's claim to the throne and instead succeed Tutankhamen. Ay nominated a military officer named Nakhtmin to succeed him rather than Horemheb.
    - After Ay's reign of four years, however, Horemheb managed to seize power and quickly removed Naktmin's rival claim to the throne.
    - He desecrated Ay's WV23 tomb by smashing the sarcophagus into several pieces and destroying Ay's mummy.
    - He completed the return to Egypt's traditional religion, away from Akhenaten Amarna period, and ordered the destruction of the Aten temples at Karnak and the city of Akhetaten
    - At the Luxor Temple he added columns and shrines, adding to the work of Amenhotep 3 and Tutankhamen, usurping the latter's monuments both there and elsewhere
    - He fought against the widespread bribery and corruption of high ranked officials, and appointed judges and regional tribunes for corruption cases.
    Burial:Valley of Kings - KV 57
    Successor:- Since Horemheb was childless, he appointed his Vizier, Paramesse as his chosen successor before his death.
    Paramesse changed his name to Ramses 1, and founded the 19th Dynasty of the New Kingdom.
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