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  • Djedkare Rule:5th Dynasty: 2381-2353 BC
    Predecessor:Father Menkauhor
    Nomen:Birth name: Isesi
    Praenomen:Throne name: Djedkare: The soul of Ra endures
    Consorts:His main wife was Meresankh 4, whose pyramid was found integrated into the pyramid complex of her husdband
    Capital City:Memphis
    Reign:- He did not, as was customary for his Dynasty, build a own sun temple attached to his pyramid, the solar cult although not abandoned, lost some importance and predominance.
    - He led Expeditions to the Sinai and Punt for quarrying stone, this was noted in inscriptions.
    He also maintained trade and diplomatic contacts with Byblos in Lebanon
    - During his reign Egypt suffered a decentralization of power, involving stronger regional governors. This led to the development of a virtual feudal system
    The viziers of this period has large tombs built for themselves at Saqqara which bear witness to their great power
    The most famous noble of Djedkare reign was Ptahhotep, who wrote the famous instructions of wisdom, which touch on the virtues of justice and self control. His large mastaba is well preserved, and the reliefs in the burial chamber show scenes of daily life in the Old Kingdom
    Burial:- He built his pyramid complex in Saqqara instead of the pyramid field in Abusir
    - His complete mummy, along with a fragments of his basalt sarcophagus and a niche for the canopic chest, was discovered in his tomb
    Successor:His relation with his successor Unas is not clear