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Khafre and Horus
Rule:4th Dynasty: 2520-2494 BC
Predecessor:Brother Djedefre
Mother:Henutsen wife of Khufu
Nomen:Birth name: Khafre: Appearing like Ra
Praenomen:Throne name: Weserib Khafre: Appearing like Ra strong of heart
Consorts:Khamerenebty 1 his half sister
- Hetepheres 3, Meres-ankh 3
Capital City:Memphis
Reign:- When his short lived older brother Djedefre died, Khafre took the throne and pushed aside any sons of Djedefre
- He married Hetepheres 3, a grand daughter of Khufu, most likely to solidify his claim to the throne.
- Egypt was prosperous and peaceful during his reign, with no military attacks or campaigns.
- Khafre was responsible for the construction of the Second pyramid at Giza
- His pyramid is 143.5 meters tall was only 3 meters smaller than of Khufu's, but it appears larger than since it was built on higher ground
- He also erected the Great Sphinx, recent studies showed that the geological layers of the Sphinx are closely related to the quarrying and building of the Khafre pyramid complex, thus undermining any other speculations
- The pyramid mortuary temple is the only surviving example of a temple of the 4th Dynasty,
- A beautiful statue of Khafre under the protective shadow of Horus was found at the Giza mortuary temple
- Little more is known about this Pharaoh, since his great monument has very few inscriptions, but the masterpiece pyramid complex shows that the country enjoyed a well functioning administration to complete such a huge task.
Burial:Second pyramid of Giza
Successor:Son Menkaura out of Khamerenebty 1

Photos: Khafre Pyramid

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