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  • Khufu (Cheops)

  • Khufu Rule:4th Dynasty: 2551-2528 BC
    Predecessor:Father Snefru
    Mother:Hetepheres 1 wife of Snefru
    Nomen:Birth name: Khufu: Protected by Khnum
    Capital City:Memphis
    Reign:- Khufu was the builder of the Great Pyramid of the Old Kingdom at Giza
    - There were no known military threats to Egypt during his reign, but Khufu continued to maintain a military post in the Sinai and Nubia to protect his borders.
    - Ironically, only a very small 9 cm miniature ivory statue of Khufu. this is the only likeness of him known to be in existence.
    This statue, was not found in Giza near the pyramid, but was found to the south at the temple of Osiris at Abydos, the ancient necropolis.
    Despite its tiny size, the details of the carving made the expression on the king's face recognizable. The king wears the Red Crown and holds a flail in his right hand
    - Although the Great pyramid has such fame, little is actually known about its builder, certainly he had great ability to organize and mobilize workers.
    There was an extremely large amount of manpower necessary to build the Great pyramid and its surrounding complex and tombs
    Burial:Great pyramid of Giza
    Another son of Khufu, Khafre assumed power and built the second pyramid.
    After the death of Khafre his son Menkaura built his smaller pyramid, eventually completing the Three Pyramids at Giza.
    Successor:- His immediate successor was his son Djedefre out of a Libyan consort, but died shortly
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    Photos: Great Pyramid

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