• New Kingdom
  • Pharaoh Ay

  • Pharaoh Ay Rule:18th Dynasty: 1325-1320 BC
    Nomen:Birth name: Ay: Father of the God
    Praenomen:Throne name: Kheperkheperure: Everlasting are the manifestations of Ra
    Consorts:Tey was his main wife, and the mother of Nefertiti
    - After Tutankhamen's death, Hittite archives state that Ankhesenamun wrote to Suppiliumas, the Hittite Pharaoh, requesting one of his sons to marry her. Suppiliumas granted this request, but his son Zannanza was killed on his way to Egypt.
    Ay apparently inherited the thrown by marrying Tutankhamen's widow, Ankhesenamun against her will, and outmaneuvered the designated successor Horemheb.
    Capital City:Thebes
    Reign:- His native city was Panopolis, where he built a rock cut chapel and dedicated it to the local deity Min
    - Ay was the Vizier and royal chancellor of Akhenaten, and supported the Aten monotheism.
    He was the father of Nefertiti, Akhenaten's chief Queen.
    - Later, during Tutankhamen reign Ay was also the Grand Vizier of the Pharaoh, how was only nine years, and Ay was the real ruler behind the scenes.
    - Under Tutankhamen Ay helped restore the Amun cult, and abandoned the monotheism.
    - He was an old man, at least 70 years old, when he succeeded the thrown, and only ruled four years, without any notable accomplishments
    - Ay was amongst the Amarna Pharaohs whose memories were execrated under later rulers.
    Burial:Valley of Kings - KV 23
    Successor:- Ay planned for Nakhtmin to be his successor. However, Ay's plan went awry as the military advisor Horemheb succeeded the throne and wrecked Ay's tomb.