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  • New Kingdom
  • Amenhotep 3

  • Amenhotep 3 Rule:18th Dynasty: 1390-1350 BC.
    Predecessor:Father Thutmose 4
    Nomen:Birth name: Amenhotep: Amun is satisfied
    Praenomen:Throne name: Nebmaatre: The lord of truth is Ra
    Consorts:- His Great Royal Wife Tiye, was the daughter of Yuya and Thuya, Her mummy is probably that of "The Elder Lady" found in KV35. It was moved there from KV55 where the funerary equipment bears her name.
    Amenhotep 3 built a temple in her honor in northern Sudan, where she was revered as an incarnation of Hathor. When Amenhotep 3 died, Tiye lived into Akhenaten's reign.
    - Gilukhepa,Isis and SItamun
    Capital City:Thebes
    Reign:- Amenhotep 3 ruled over a peaceful country, with little military activity.
    - He maintained the balance of power among Egypt's neighbors by diplomacy
    - More resources were allocated to the arts
    - Flourishing foreign trade and extensive mining in Nubia for gold

    Construction Projects

    • He constructed the mortuary temple at Kawm el-Hitan on the west bank of the Nile.
    • The two enormous Colossi of Memnon were erected here by the entrance to the temple, these 18 meter statues of the Pharaoh give some idea of the scale of this, possibly the largest building ever constructed in Egypt.
    • It was specifically built so that the flooding of the Nile would flood the interior courtyards and buildings, and leave only the sanctuary above the water.
    • However, since many of the retaining walls were mud brick, the temple dissolved, the huge stone pylons of the temple were too heavy for the swampy land, and the temple fell to ruin quickly.
    • Much of the masonry was purloined by Merenptah and later Pharaohs for their own construction projects
    • Amenhotep 3 has over 250 statues discovered covering his entire life, they provide the most complete portraiture of any Egyptian ruler
    • He Began construction at the Luxor Temple dedicated to the Thebean Triad
    • East temple and Festival building of Amun Temple at Karnak
    • The avenue of sphinxes and third pylon at Karnak
    Burial:Valley of Kings - West Valley 22
    Successor:Son Akhenaten out of Queen Tiye- (first known as Amenhotep 4)
    Wikipedia:Amenhotep 3
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