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  • Amenemhet 4 Rule:12th Dynasty: 1815-1806 BC
    Predecessor:- He shared the first year of his reign in co-regency with his father Amenemhet 3.
    Nomen:Birth name: Amenemhet: Amun is the foremost
    Praenomen:Throne name: Maakherure: The voice of Ra is true
    Capital City:Crocodilopolis
    Reign:- Due to his father's long reign, Amenemhet 4 was an old man when he assumed the throne
    - His short reign marks the eclipse of the Middle Kingdom and the rapid decline of Pharaonic authority
    - He ordered few recorded expeditions to mines in Sinai at Wadi Maghara, where his officials left two records in the 6th year of his reign
    - Inscriptions in Nubia also show that he still controlled the territory that was conquered by Senusret 3.
    A graffito inscription found at the fortress of Kumma in Nubia, records the height of the Nile in the 5th year of his reign
    - He completed his father's temple at Medinet Madi in Crocodilopolis. The only intact temple still existing from the Middle Kingdom
    - Amenemhet died without an eligible male heir, and was succeeded by his wife and sister Sobekneferu
    Burial:- The South pyramid at Mazguna is often attributed to him, although no name has been found, and the dating was done on stylistic grounds only, since the pyramid has slight technical improvements on the previous pyramid of his father Amenemhet 3.
    The pyramid had a base length of 52.5 meters, and though it had complicated substructure, the superstructure was never completed.
    Successor:Wife/Sister Sobekneferu
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